Leadership Training

Developing Strong Leaders

The LIGHTPOINT Leadership Development Program consists of two levels – Emerge™ and Ascend™. The Emerge™ Leadership Training Program targets new employees recognized as high performers with interest in growing as strategic contributors and future leaders in the business.

This program is designed for individuals not serving in a formal leadership role within the organization. We call them “rising stars”.

The Ascend™ Leadership Training Program is designed for existing leaders aiming to advance skills and competencies as they fill current or impending leadership roles.

This program is designed for individuals serving in a formalized leadership role for the organization.

The LIGHTPOINT Leadership Development Program employs a hybrid approach, offering both virtual and in-person coaching sessions facilitated via our partnership with to maintain streamlined, accessible, and efficient tracking, monitoring, and management of coaching progress.

Bi-weekly calls coupled with monthly workshops form the backbone of the coaching structure and are underpinned by Experiential Learning principles and practices.

Leadership Training Overview

Tailored Development:

EMERGE™ caters to new talents, fostering their leadership skills from the outset, while ASCEND© focuses on refining the capabilities of existing leaders

Holistic Learning:

The program integrates experiential learning theory and practice, ensuring a comprehensive approach to skill acquisition.

Flexible Format:

With a mix of virtual and in-person sessions, participants benefit from a flexible learning environment, accommodating various preferences and work situations.

Consistent Engagement:

Biweekly calls maintain a steady connection, offering regular guidance and support, while monthly workshops provide in-depth learning opportunities.

Proven Pedagogy:

Grounded in experiential learning, the program emphasizes hands-on experiences, enabling participants to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios.

Connecting the Right Coach

LIGHTPOINT approaches our leadership coaching methodically; with a five-step model that enables the development of trust and rapport while fostering alignment and sustainability of positive development and impact.

Each participant will be appointed one single point of contact for increased confidentiality and focused support, along with a detailed milestone checklist to validate progress and refine focus areas to ensure optimal success.

Our Leadership Development Programs aim to cultivate a dynamic and adaptive cadre of leaders, fostering growth at both entry and advanced levels within the organization.