Organizational Development

Enhance Your Strategic Alignment & Effectiveness

LIGHTPOINT Advisors’ Organizational development (OD) solutions apply a strategic and systematic approach to enhancing the overall effectiveness and health of an organization. Our OD solutions focus on improving various aspects of leadership performance, including communication, collaboration, and employee engagement to foster positive change.

By identifying and addressing underlying issues within the organizational structure and leadership culture, our OD interventions facilitate smoother workforce transitions, increased productivity, and a more resilient and adaptive workforce.

Through the implementation of tailored strategies, our OD solutions will align the organization’s goals with the skills and motivations of its members; enabling the organization to navigate challenges and capitalize on opportunities for long-term success. 

Core Offerings

Organizational Culture Assessments and Development

Evaluates the existing cultural norms, values, and leadership behaviors practices within an organization and how these factors impact employee and customer experience that ultimately impacts organizational performance.
The outcomes of this assessment lead to the development and implementation of initiatives designed to foster improvement employee engagement (productivity, morale, experience) and greater alignment with the strategic goals of the organization.

Strategic Planning Facilitation

Assists organizations in developing and refining their long-term goals and objectives in alignment with departmental performance planning and individual contributor performance requirements.
Our facilitators guide leadership teams through methodical, efficient, and effective strategic planning processes, ensuring that the resulting strategies are well-aligned with the organization's mission and vision.

Change Management

Navigates and implements organizational transformations with an analysis of existing processes, structures, and organizational culture to understand the strategic objectives driving the change initiative.
Based on this assessment, a tailored change management plan is developed, outlining specific strategies, communication plans, and interventions to address potential resistance and ensure a smooth transition. LightPoint plays a crucial role in engaging and aligning leadership, providing training programs for employees, and facilitating open communication channels throughout the change process; with continuous monitoring and feedback mechanisms to gauge the effectiveness of the changes and adjust as needed. Through our collaborative and adaptive approach, we help our clients build organizational resilience and agility, ultimately enabling them to thrive in a dynamic business environment.

Conflict Resolution and Mediation

Enhances the ability of organizational leaders to address complex interpersonal conflicts within the organization.
This service helps leaders facilitate dialogue and guide parties toward mutually agreeable solutions, fostering a more harmonious work environment. By enhancing how your leaders resolve organizational conflicts at the employee, peer, and consumer levels, your leaders will experience improved communication and collaboration among team members, supporting overall organizational health.